COVID Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open and functional?

We are currently open for business and functional. You can find all of our availability by clicking on our "Book Your Escape" section of the website.

Are masks required?

According to county standards and regulations, masks are recommended in all of the common areas. This includes the lobby, hallways and when walking to the restroom. Anytime you could encounter someone not in your group the mask is recommended as is social distancing for the health and safety of our customers and employees. 

Will I be in a room with other people or just my group?

Currently, ALL of our rooms are PRIVATE. This means the only people in your room is your group of friends, families or coworkers. 

What are you doing to keep me safe from COVID?

We are following CDC protocols when it comes to mask wearing and distancing our groups. We have always sanitized our rooms in between groups, if it's in the room and you can touch it, we are sanitizing it. We have increased the frequency of cleaning common areas to in between each group as well. Rest assured we are using standard cleaners that are known to eliminate coronavirus strains. Upon entering Tropic Escape room we have hand sanitizer and gloves should you wish to use them. We have a QR code set up to complete the waivers using your own phone. If you have any other safety concerns please feel free to reach out to us so we can set your mind at ease.

Can I walk-in without a reservation?

Reservations are made by appointment. Normally, if you walk in, we do our best to accommodate you and find an open room and time slot. However, due to COVID, we do highly encourage you to book online to ensure your time slot is available and so we can continue to follow appropriate guidelines for social distancing 

What if I'm late for my reservation?

We strongly encourage all members of at the group to arrive 15 minutes early (and please account for traffic). This is essential to ensure a fun experience for all. Given the timing of the rooms, arriving late effects all groups for the rest of the day.

What if I make a reservation, but need to cancel or make a change due to COVID?

We offer a $5 upcharge per person, at the time of booking, should you feel you may need to cancel or reschedule. Purchase the add-on during booking and you can cancel or reschedule, at any time, no questions asked. Currently we are waiving our $5 fee if someone does come down with COVID like symptoms and you need to cancel. 

What if my question isn't listed?

Please feel free to contact us for any and all questions not listed above.