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Escape Coronavirus...

At Tropic Escape Room we take our guests health and safety seriously. We are currently following CDC recommendations to ensure our guests can enjoy a clean, fun, and safe escape adventure.

With every reset, ALL surfaces, locks, doorknobs, and props are wiped down with lysol wipes, which have been shown effective on influenza and coronavirus. Resets may take a little longer, but please bear with our Game Masters as they are cleaning for your safety.

For the foreseeable future all of our bookings will be switched to private. With the increase in price, we are offering a $5 off code as to not raise your price. We are also willing to reschedule your escape or refund for “Tropic Escape Room credit” free of charge for any sick members of your group as long as we are notified 4 hours before your booking.

Currently, the CDC is advising against large entertainment venues due to the risk. Yet, Escape Rooms are for small, controlled groups and still provide fun entertainment. If you are looking for a way to escape your home and have some fun, Tropic Escape Room can ensure you a safe and health-conscious experience.

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Have what it takes? Escape with us...

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