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Never heard of an escape room? Wonder no more! Escape rooms are a fun, team-building, live action puzzle game where you and your friends, family, or coworkers are placed in a room, given a series of clues, puzzles, short activities and 60 minutes to solve the challenge and get out.

Tropic Escape Room is a husband and wife run escape room in Bonita Springs that creates an immersive, themed experience with surprises along the way. The rooms are excellent for date nights, girl’s night out, birthday parties, celebrations, or corporate events. Teams of 2-8 people work together, using their brains and logic, to find clues, hidden objects and answers to puzzles or riddles & escape before the time runs out. Think you have what it takes to escape? Check out our room descriptions and book online today! You just might discover all the fun you’ve been missing. 


There have been a string of burglaries at local museums. You were hired to ensure nothing is stolen over night. During security rounds, you realize the thieves have  hit. You have one hour to find the missing item, and escape the museum, before the police show up and arrest you .

Difficulty 7/10



Your band, Cipher, is about to be stabbed in the back by your own lead singer, and just before the release of your smash hit debut album. Sneak into the recording studio, finish the album and release it before she can get her hands on it.

Difficulty 8/10


You and your friends booked a ridiculously cheap charter around the coast of Florida. The storm rolls in and you realize it may have been too good to be true. Will you escape to safety or end up a Castaway.

Difficulty 10/10


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!



Figure out how

many people are

in your group.


(Max of 8)

  1. Choose which room you want.

  2. Click the link below to
    book your escape adventure.

  3. Select the time you want to come & finish your booking online.

Show up to Tropic 

Escape with your

entire group at least

15 minutes prior

to your scheduled


Solve the 

challenges and

ESCAPE within

60 minutes!




We are located 1mi west of 41 on the Southwest corner of Bonita Beach Road and Vanderbilt Drive in the Beals Building on the 2nd Floor.

From the North:

Take I-75 South to the Bonita Beach Road exit. Turn right. Proceed 4 miles west. We will be on the left hand side of the road.

From the South:

Take I-75 North to the Bonita Beach Road exit. Turn left. Proceed 4 miles west. We will be on the left hand side of the road.


4061 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 203
Bonita Springs, FL 34134


(239) 319-5789


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Bored? Looking for something fun to do? Look no further! Bring your friends and family to play our live-action, fast paced, puzzle filled escape rooms.

Big or tall, old or small our escape rooms are for you! People of all ages enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of working together to solve puzzles and clues and escape.

Does your work atmosphere need a pick me up? Our rooms are perfect for corporate or team building experiences you won’t forget. Work together as a team to escape our rooms in 60 minutes.

Knowledge is power! Why not learn how to solve puzzles and critically think outside the box in a fun and entertaining way. Learn important problem solving skills while being entertained.

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