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ALERT: Virtual Reality NOW OPEN!


Welcome to Tropic Escape Room! Start by viewing our rooms, or scroll around to learn more about us!

Bookings Required

Traditional Escape Rooms

Experience the thrilling adventure of a traditional escape room where you are placed in a physical space that provides an immersive and gripping atmosphere. Beat the clock to escape within 60 minutes!

Virtual Reality (VR) Escape Rooms

Go to places and solve puzzles never possible in real life. Time traveling, speeding trains, outer space, anything is possible. Work together to save yourselves from crazy scenarios to escape in 60 minutes!


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Great for families

5 Star Review from Andrew Fentiman


It's as simple as 4 steps.

1. Find a group

2. Pick a room and make a booking.

3. Show up at Tropic Escape Room 15 minutes before your booking and have fun!

4. Escape in 60 minutes or less!

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