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Guess What? Tropic Escape is Now Open!

Tropic Escape Room Now Open

Wow! All of our beta testers have been AMAZING! Whether they escaped or not, they had tons of fun and helped us make our rooms the best they can be for EVERYONE! So get ready, because Tropic Escape is now open!!

We currently have two rooms open-Museum Heist and Finals Week! Both are great for beginners and experienced escape room enthusiasts. Its hard to say which one is easier, since they use different types of thinking. You’ll just have to come try them out!! So if you’ve always wanted to do an escape room, or if you only just found out what they are, go ahead and book a room. We’re sure you’ll have tons of fun and may learn a thing or two about yourself! Do you have what it takes?

Escape with us…

~Austin and Angela

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