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Help name your Escape!

Happy February! Now that season is in full swing why not escape the traffic and crowds with an Escape Room experience with your friends or family or better yet try a double date this month! Valentine's day is almost here! Help spread the love for escape rooms.

We are putting the final touches on the next room, but we need your help! Our next room will be opening soon, but we want everyone to help name it! Check out our Facebook page (Tropic Escape Room) for a poll to name the next room. The options are “Castaway” or “One Hour Tour”. Which one will it be? Pick your option for a chance to win a free escape!

Tropic Escape wants to thank everyone for their patronage, we truly appreciate it. Since everyone has been enjoying our rooms we are looking for a GameMaster to help us out! So if you love escape rooms and want to share that love with others send us your resume to!

Have what it takes? Escape with us...

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