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Getting in the Spirit

Hey everyone! First, thanks for taking the time to check out our monthly post. We think it's important to recognize and interact with our customers to ensure everyone has a great time! IF you ever have any ideas or ways we could make your experiences better, please feel free to let us know on social media, email, or just tell us when you stop in.

Some of you may have noticed we've been doing a little sprucing up of our lobby and control room areas. Quite a few people have mentioned how the lobby didn't really feel like an "Escape Room", so we are adding some cosmetic changes that I'm sure will have everyone excited for their room the second they walk in. It's a work in progress, and will be taking place throughout the rest of the summer. Feel free to stop in and take a peek!

Many people have reached out to us about not liking public rooms, where others could potentially be added to your group, yet found our "public" vs "private" room structure not practical for those smaller groups. We listened, and developed a better "private" structure we think everyone will appreciate. Our rooms are $27 per person plus tax. If you'd like to book a "private" experience you can now do so with an added cost of $5 per person. When you head on over to our booking page, you will now see each game with a "private option available". Click on the time and room you'd like to choose and you can choose "shared" experience for $27 per person, or "private" experience for $32 per person. We think that will be more beneficial for everyone. We want everyone to feel comfortable and not be forced to play with another group if they do not want to. Let us know how you like this option!

We are starting to get into the "Holiday" season, and decorations are a must here at Tropic Escape Room, so come on in and check those out. With the Holidays comes local events, and if you happen to see us out and about, we'll be wearing some new business shirts, stop us and say hello. We are likely to have gifts or discount codes to hand out, plus you may be the first to find out about everything Tropic Escape Room! Given that this month is Fourth of July, you can find us at the Bonita Parade and Fireworks show and we will definitely have some goodies to hand out.

We truly appreciate every one of you and couldn't do this without you guys! We look forward to sharing some even more exciting updates over the new month or so...

Happy Escaping!

A & A

Happy July!

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