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Why we LOVE Escape Rooms...

If you’ve been in to Tropic Escape Room, you’ve more than likely struck up a conversation with us about our absolute love of escape rooms! It should go without saying, as owners, that we can’t live without them, but we thought we’d explain why we love them and what got us started... When we were dating we constantly were trying to find interesting things to do that didn’t involve drinking and eating, so we tried our first escape room (Apartment A at Legends of Xcape in Cityplace). It was a low cost, no thrills room but it was PRFECT! The puzzles weren’t too hard and we felt accomplished as we raced to finish before time ran out. We left with a better understanding of each other and how to communicate, no to mention it was a hobby we could now start as a couple. We quickly searched for more escape rooms and fount Master Escape Room in Boca Raton, which is still one of our favorite Escape Rooms (right next to Try-N-Escape also in Boca Raton). We shared our love of rooms with our families, and some are more willing than others to join in anytime we ask! We spent a few months doing every room we could find, and that didn’t change when we moved to Bonita Springs. The problem we ran into was there weren’t enough escape rooms here to satisfy our needs, and thus our business was born! We spent a good year developing our plans for rooms and researching by doing even more rooms. We had one goal for our business and that was to design rooms that we would want to experience, filled with logic and excitement for everyone involved. Fast forward and we get to watch people do rooms with their families, friends and coworkers that we poured our heart and souls into. Over the last year we haven’t been able to get away and do rooms as often as we like, so we’ve found other ways to indulge in escape rooms. If you find yourself in the same boat, and you’re itching to do a room but you’ve done them all check out the “Escape the Room” box games off amazon. We also enjoyed completing the rooms on our Echo dot “Alexa”, and even downloading the free Escape the Room apps on iTunes. They obviously aren’t the same as doing a room in person, but it helps feed the craving to do one! If you have the opportunity to head to the East Coast there are TONS of amazing Escape Rooms in West Palm, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding areas (ask us and we’ll give you some recommendations). We are excited to take some time for ourselves this month doing escape rooms in the area! Stay tuned to our social media pages to see how we stack up to your team’s time at Brainstorm, Escape Room Fort Myers, Escape Countdown, Escape Tactics and Escape the Cape including some out of town! And if you see us coming or going at one of those places say “Hi”, well gladly chat about the room we just completed, without giving anything away, of course! Happy Escaping! -A & A 

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