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Fall into an Escape Room...

Fall...when there is cool air, pumpkin spice everywhere, and sweaters galore....Oh wait, not here in Florida! It's still just as warm and sunny as Summer. So why not fall into an Escape Room? One of our favorite activities to do when it's hot, and we do not want to be outside anymore, is run to our nearest escape room, and ESCAPE!

We know many of you have tried (and loved) our first three rooms, so we are extremely happy to announce that we are very close to finishing our 4th room, and we will be looking for Beta Testers in early November! So far all of you vacationers who come down for the Holidays we will be ready for you with a brand new room!!

This room is going to take our immersive level up a step and truly make all of you escapees interact in new ways to escape in 60 minutes! Plus it's still going to offer tons of fun, excitement and "whoa that was so cool" moments that we know you all are ready and prepared for. But are you ready?

Stay tuned to our social media for more regular updates! Speaking of social media...have you all noticed our Instagram and Facebook stories?? We're enjoying creating them. If there's anything you guys want to know or see, feel free to send us questions or suggestions and we'll try and get them up there for you! We love this business, but we do it all for you guys! So let us know, and hey let your friends know...

Do you have what it takes? Escape with us

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