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Almost Famous is OPEN...

Okay, okay, I know you guys normally hear from us on the first of the month, but this was too good not to announce with it's own post!! So...

Almost Famous is officially OPEN! We have been working long on hard since May on this room, and we think it's our most fun yet. We wrestled with a lot of different concept and theme ideas for this room before we landed on a recording studio. Live music is an important part of our non escape room experiences, that we fell in love with the idea of it as soon as we come up with it. Not to mention, we haven't done a recording studio themed escape room before. We had one goal in mind when creating this room, and that was to make it fun! We tried to think of every aspect of a recording studio and include it in the room in a way that you guys would find entertaining.

This room puts you guys as band members of Cipher. Your producer called to inform you that your lead singer wants to steal your hottest new single and release it herself! But you can't let that happen, so you'll race against the clock to get the album released before she returns and does it herself. We have designed this room, specifically for groups to work together and have tons of fun. The experience will leave you laughing all the way home...

Think you have what it takes? Check us out...

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