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Can the Luck of the Irish help you Escape?

We're gearing up for all of the spring breakers to come on in and escape the semester! Check out all of our green decorations and try out your luck at escaping. Do you have what it takes? Will the luck of the Irish be on your side? Only time will tell!

While we love celebrating and decorating for St. Patrick's Day, we will not be open March 16 and March 17 in honor of St. Patrick's Day. We know tons of people always wonder why. So we'll be honest, drinking and escape rooms really do not mix. To prevent our customers from having a bad time and ruining the escape room experience for future customers, we find it is best to remain closed.

We are actually planning a trip out of town, and are hoping to do a few escape rooms while we are away. If you come in afterwards, ask us about it. I'm sure we will have tons of stories and ideas to share!

Have what it takes? Escape with us...

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