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End of Summer Escape...

All good things must come to an end right? No we are not talking about Tropic Escape Room, but we are talking about Summer!! Before the kids go back to school, get their minds working with the critical thinking required to Escape the Room. We highly recommend Museum Heist, Finals Week and Almost famous for preteens and teenagers sans parents. Castaway is great too, but unless they have done a bunch of rooms (and we mean 20+ rooms) parents should accompany the kiddos.

If you come into Tropic Escape Room you may notice some new faces. We are currently hiring and training staff to help out. We want to thank all of our customers for keeping us so busy that we needed staff. The plus side is that with our game masters on board, we can use our time to do what we do best and that's build new rooms!!!! We have some great ideas coming your way so stay tuned.

But guess what new rooms mean?? If you guessed that old rooms will be swapped out, then you right. Stay tuned to our social media pages to be notified of which rooms are being swapped and when it will occur. We do have room in our building for a few new rooms without a swap as well so big things coming over the next 6 months of season. We are also going to start offering some incentives for our customers so stay tuned for those as well!

If you have been on our social media pages and like what you are seeing share it with your friends. If you have any ideas on what more you'd like to see from us (like quick interviews, FAQs, behind the scene images/videos, etc) send us a message and let us know. We do this for you guys and want you to enjoy our content.

We're hoping everyone had a great summer but we are looking forward to the cooler weather. Good luck to everyone heading back to school! Make it a great one.

Have what it takes? Escape with us...

~A & A

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