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Welcome to Tropic Escape Room...

Well it's been a nice long summer right? I know we enjoyed it here at Tropic Escape Room. Lots of changes happened this summer, for us personally, which meant a few changes for the business.

If you've been through our doors recently we are sure you've seen some new faces. We recently hired two new employees. Sarah and Corey. Both have picked up our spunky fun attitudes quickly and customers seem to enjoy having them around. They've been toying around with some of our videos so you may see some new faces on social media or in the rooms!! Which is something I know we are super excited about, because playing ALL the characters in the rooms was getting tiring (hahahahaha).

It's time to start thinking of the Holidays. It seems far away, but I promise people are already starting to book those Holiday business parties and we'd hate for you to miss out. If you are interested in booking specific rooms at the same time, just reach out to us and we can work something out. Also, if you want to schedule an event during "non business hours" please feel free to give us a call and something can always be arranged.

Also like we have been mentioning stay tuned because we are slowly but surly firming up plans to close down one of our existing rooms and that announcement should be happening within the next month or two. We do not have an exact closing date quite yet, but we do have a great room already planned that I know everyone of all ages will enjoy!

Happy Escaping!!!!

~A & A

Corey Gamemaster
Sarah Gamemaster


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